December 9, 2009

New story hits mailboxes

My latest story should be arriving in mailboxes any day now. Encompassing a summer's worth of overnight bike rides, or S24Os, it features epic riding, family shenanigans, and a big picture of me and my two boys mountain biking on our super-long, three-seater bike. We call it the Teasdale Train.
The cover is a self-portrait from a solo-overnight on Sheep Mountain, my favorite near-Missoula backcountry ride, with ultralight camping gear this September. Took about ten tries to get the shot right. I'll do another post about that soon, with a few alternate covers we considered from the same shoot.
The cover and opening spread are below. If you'd like to see the entire article, go here.


  1. Aaron, I just read the article the other day and loved it. I've recently been bitten by the s24o bug, and have done some tough grown-up versions over the last year. But your article made me realize that a toned-down version would be a memorable outing with my boys. Thanks for a great read, and for helping me see the obvious there.
    --Rich in Fort Collins, CO

  2. Glad you liked the article Rich! Thanks for the note. Have fun out there with your boys. And send me some pics after you go.