January 17, 2010

Campfires of 2009

I was going though my recent images the other day and noticed that I had a lot of campfire shots. Which got me thinking -- how many campfires did I have last year?

Using a highly scientific method (i.e. reflecting for about 60 seconds) I've determined that I was lucky enough to have about 40 campfires in 2009. Took images of about half of them. (A few were in cold, wet, windy weather where the last thing on my mind was getting out the camera. And sometimes it's just nice to have a fire and relax without scampering around trying to make pretty pictures all the time. Which is why I don't have pics of them all...)

For the next couple weeks I'll post pictures from a different campfire every day. Or darn close to every day.

These first shots are from a quickie overnight camping trip Silas and I took in the mountains outside of Missoula last spring. He's roasting pig sphincters, er, a hot dog, which tasted awesome, as hot dogs roasted over campfires always do...

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