February 2, 2010

My story in current issue of Mountain Bike magazine

Anyone that has enjoyed my recent posts of bikepacking images might want to head to their local newsstand (assuming they still have a local newsstand) and pick up the current issue of Mountain Bike magazine. It's been out for a while, so may not be on the stands much longer. The story is called "Riding Loaded" and it's about using the latest in ultralight camping equipment to take a five-day, backcountry mountain bike ride in the Canadian Rockies. A shout-out to Jeff Boatman over at Carousel Design Works who was a great riding partner on the trip and who designs the excellent bags we used to carry our gear.

Below are a couple pre-production spreads of the story. To see the entire piece, visit my issuu page here.


  1. read it in singletrack magazine today (i assume it's the same) and i have to say: great article!

    can't wait to get out for my first overnighter of the year (right now there's still too much snow around)...

    greetings from germany, martn.

  2. Awesome! Framebags are the way to go for this kind of adventure.