March 3, 2010

Three Cheers For The Brits

The British magazine Singletrack just came out with a story of mine from an ultralight bikepacking trip last summer. I love the layout and the images they chose. Funny captions, headers, and pull quotes, too. Plus, the editor is my man Chipps Chippendale, who has a flat-out classic name. Great working with you guys on the other side of the kiddie pool...

P.S. I don't recommend "attacking" the trail, or attacking anything in the outdoors for that matter (unless you're hunting for food, then you're pretty much attacking). I recommend going slow and taking lots of breaks. Personally, I prefer to appreciate, savor, and bask. There is a lot of cool stuff out there — if you're busy attacking you'll miss most of it.


  1. Awesome story -- always stoked to see bikepacking stories in print!

    I was certain by that first shot that your trip was in Montana (Italian Peaks area). Crazy how similar it is.

    Thanks for the ref in the resources segment.

    Cheers, Scott

  2. Dang! And you also get paid to do this...

  3. Great blog....I really enjoyed the article....I live in Calgary and was wondering if you'd give me some idea of the route you guys rode for a 5 day mtn bike trip in k-country?

    Nowhere near as nice photography, but in the interests of sharing the stoke here is some pics from a CDN GDR trip my buddy and I rode last summer using the Flathead reroute.

    keep up the great work...


  4. I enjoyed your article in Singletrack, which is one of the best mtb magazines out there. Your blog wasw recommended to me by a riding buddy, and I must say it is great.