July 10, 2010

Tour Divide race and an S24O

Recently shot the start of the 2010 Tour Divide race in Banff, Alberta.  This is one of the coolest, hardest bike races in the history of bike races — over 2,700 miles of dirt from Banff to the Mexican border, entirely self-supported. Frankly, it makes the Tour de France look like a leisurely trundle through the vineyards.

You can see my gallery from the shoot on the Adventure Cycling Association website here. ACA created the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, which is the course for the race.

My pal Rod Kramer and I met up with Jeff Boatman, of Carousel Design Works fame, for a quick S24O. Riding over the Continental Divide at Elk Pass, and the most beautiful powerline corridor the world has ever known, we ducked into one of my favorite mountain stashes for a night of camping. A few images from the adventure below...

This last shot is from Rod's phone in the parking lot at the end of the shoot and our overnight ride. I was taking a moment to decompress after an intense 48 hours. I love Canada, which is why I'm on my way back up there, but this time with the entire family. More on that soon...

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  1. Has Jeff abandoned his CDW business, or gone on an extended sabbatical? Aside from your post, it seems he's dropped off the radar. Would love to know 1. he's OK, and if so, 2. when he's planning to finish existing orders!