February 23, 2010

North Fork vacation

Spent a few days in the North Fork valley recently. The North Fork of the Flathead River, that is. But in Montana most people just call it the North Fork. My last couple posts celebrated the northern half of the valley, which lies in Canada and is simply called the Flathead.
But this post is about the Montana side of the valley where my family has a rustic cabin. I spend as much time up there as I possibly can. Would live up there if I could, but kids need school, I guess.
So I was up there with the family for a few days. Chopped wood, skied every day, and spent evenings reading books and gazing into the fireplace. I love chopping wood...

Have you ever skied into a herd of elk? It's pretty cool. Not that they let you get very close. Skittish critters, elk.

I headed out at dawn and skied through the mist into Glacier Park where I came across this herd of about 50. They didn't want me to get too close.

This is our cabin. In the summer, that screen porch is the finest bedroom in the world.

The boys were practicing jumping on Nordic skis. Which is no small feat, even if they have small feet.

Not every jump went as planned though...

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